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Appointmen I was first diagnosed with scoliosis in 2000, and began to seek chiropractic care as a way of managin my pain and developing a long term solution. Dr.Mun has been treating me forrreveal years. Since then, My pain has gone from bing frequent and severe to being intrequent and manageble. He also effectively treated my tinitis. It used to be constant companion, but now is reduced so much that I often forget I ever had tinitis. The amazing ting about Dr.Mun's treatment is that it is not only effective, but his method is truly wholisic. His positive attitude is rlentles and contagious. He helps me to be aware o my posture, my diet nd my exercse and how it bears on my physical condition. I would highly recommend Bethesda Chiroprctic to anyone for treatment of acute or chonic pain. 




I want to Thanks to Dr.Mun for relieving the pain I have been experiencing for so long. over a year ago I developed pain in my right shoulder and upper right arm. Another chiropractor administered treatments to that area to no avail. After you carefully adinistered acupuncture and other chiropractic therapy the pain is completely gone. 

I also developed pain in my back from a chair I used at work for a year. This exacerbated the back pain I experinced from arthritis. Though the arthritis still exists I can honestly say that I seldom have any pain after the various treatments you administered. 

Also, a year agoI had bunionectomies of the two geat toes. I was told the pain I experienced may last one year. Since the surgery I have developed other foot pain which has been greatly relieved by acupuncture, Moxa nd the shoe inserts I received through your office. 

It appears that I am a one woman cheering squad for Bethesda Chiropractic and Acupuncture Inc. and I will continue to sing your praises to all who will listen. My husband thanks you as well as I am uch happier without pain. 

Ranoma Nelson



"At 86 years and having served in the Naval air corps in World War ll have had terrible back problems since the late 1940's. Have been to osteopaths and Chiropractors all over the world for back and shoulder pains for over 60 years. 

Have never in my entire life ever had the great quality of service and releif I have from Dr. Mun's services. 

My Wife and I go to Dr. Mun on a regular basis and have never felt better. 

Sam G. Adler, Jr.  Leawood, KS 



Dr. Mun has demonstrated on me while a patient under his care which began on or about 05/15/2016.  I am a layperson.   Though I am not qualified to discuss the affiliation between nerve pain and acupuncture; I can tell you that the technique that Dr. Mun applies to my spine has been enjoyable compared to the dozens of trigger point and/or corticosteroid injections I’ve endured over the years.  It is much to soon to quantify the results, but I dare say that his brand and style of acupuncture will prove to be just as or more effective than orthodox treatments. Dr. Mun possesses a friendly and pleasant demeanor.  He seems like a genuinely nice person who genuinely cares about the well-being of his patients.  Not by coincidence; his wife is nice, his son is nice, and if he has a dog or a cat, they’re probably nice pets. It is because of his extraordinary skill, deportment, and professionalism that I take pen in hand and enthusiastically recommend Dr. Mun.

Danny  Arthurs, KS






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